Day 23

22 Jul

Day 23, followed shortly  by 24, and we will be up to speed on my notebook progress. Once I reach 1000, I’ll make a version of my memory game available for play, so anyone can try it out. Eventually pushing it for free on the App Store and Google Play. Here we go:

Pay: 払 (Pay with your arm, from your finger to your elbow)
Wide: 広 (The width of the cave is about an elbow)
Broaden: 拡 (To broaden said wide cave, use extend your fingers outwards)
Mineral: 鉱 (Wide reserves of metals are made out of minerals)
Valve: 弁 (Lock your elbows and put your two hands on the valve to turn it)
Masculine: 雄 (The masculine turkey has an elbow by his side)
Pedestal: 台 (A statue, of elbows coming out of the mouth on the floor)
Neglect: 怠 (Putting your heart on a pedestal will lead to neglect of yourself)
Reign: 治 (The water king, reigns his water kingdom from a pedestal)
Commence: 始 (Love does not commence when you put women on a pedestal)
Womb: 胎 (The flesh of the body that should be put on a pedestal, for it’s life-giving abilities)
Window: 窓 (After the explosion, looking you of the window, you see an elbow, a heart and a pair of human legs)
Gone: 去 (Someone buried on the ground, his elbows is all we can see, is gone)
Method: 法 (You need a precise method to make the water be gone from your basement)
Meeting: 会 (To have a meeting, you need walls)
Climax: 至 (The climax of the planet earth is the tall wall of soil that is the Himalaya)
Room: 室 (Inside the house, the climax is best reached inside a room)
Arrival: 到 (The arrival of the saber on the enemy’s body is the climax of the battle)
Doth: 致 (The climax of the workplace is when someone makes the taskmaster do something)
Mutually: 互 (Kinda looks like a squared Yin Yang)
Abandon: 棄 (An infant, abandoned in the forest, tied to a tree with a buckle)
Bring Up: 育 (Bring up your infant pigs properly, so you can get good bacon meat)
Remove: 撤 (Bring up a touchy subject to the taskmaster, and he’ll remove you from the work using his finger)
Allot: 充 (Allot time to spend with your infant kids, so they can learn to walk on their human legs)
Gun: 銃 (Allots metal to be thrown to your enemy)
Sulfur: 硫 (Dear god! The baby in the flood mixed with stone resulted in sulfur!)
Current: 流 (Oh no! Now the flood current is taking the infant away in the water)
License: 允 (The two vital components to get your driver’s license: Proper elbow positioning and use of your human legs)
Tempt: 唆 (Pacman, walking on human legs, mouth wide open, being tempted to take the license off your hands)

That’s it. Day 24 will be up later today, and balance will be restored. After today, I’ll have around 6 days to learn 200 Kanji, around 33 per day, so I can reach half of my goal. Hurray!


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